Ruby Lin - New Rubyology [2008.29.11]


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01. Wo Yi Wei Mei You Kan Dao Jiu Hao / 我以為沒有看到就好 (I Thought It’d Be Fine As Long As I Don’t See It)
02. Yang Cong Nong Tang / 洋蔥濃湯 (Onion Soup)
03. Mi Di / 謎底 (Underneath The Puzzle)
04. Xi Guan Le / 習慣了 (Used To It)
05. Zuo You / 左右 (Left And Right)
06. Zui Hao Shi / 最好是 (The Best Is)
07. Martini
08. Hai Yang / 海洋 (Ocean)
09. Zi Mei Tao Wan Sui / 姊妹淘萬歲 (Long Live The Sisterhood)
10. Yi Ge Ren Lang Man / 一個人浪漫 (One Person’s Romance)


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