[album] Merry - under-world


[album] Merry - under-world

1. GI・GO
2. Friction ××××
3. under-world
4. Akai kutsu
5. Gesshoku
6. Enzetsu ~Surrealism~
7. [human farm]
8. Piranha
9. Katamichi kippu
10. Canary
11. Tozasareta rakuen (Album mix)
12. Gekisei
13. Fuyu no Castanet (Album mix)
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v4n1ll3 said...


I came to your site via Jrock Exchange and Jbums, I wanted to download the Merri album you provided above but unfortunately RS removed the link. I was wondering if it was possible, if no trouble, could the album be reuploaded again. I would really appreciate it. I wanted to buy the album but I was worried I may not like most of the songs, 3500 yen is pretty pricey now with the economic downturn. Anyways thank you for your time. So sorry for my extra rambling.

Thank you for you hardwork uploading these music for everyone to sample. Thanks.


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