The dialects and culture of the Kansai region - Kinki Japanese


Maido, maido and welcome to Kinki Japan, the land of historic temples, beautiful geiko, majestic mountains, and a vibrant, growing economy. Kindly leave your shoes and Tokyo dialect by the door. Remember to open your mouth when you speak here. If you like, you can roll your r's all the way down Mt. Rokko. The more expression in your voice, the better. Tell jokes. Go ahead, don't be afraid. You're among friends-this is Kansai :)

If you've been here long, you have already noticed that nobody is speaking the Japanese you so diligently studied in classes and textbooks. But you're going to have to learn the language of the streets. Of course, you can continue speaking the so-called hyōjungo, standard Japanese, the language of poker-faced bureaucrats up in Tokyo, exactly as it is taught on NHK, but you'll bore everybody and you sure won't have a clue as to what people are saying to you.

This book has been written for people who, like us, despite years of studying Japanese, or even being a Japanese native, felt clueless when they moved to the Kinki region and wore out their dictionaries trying in vain to find the meaning of words like honma, akan, shimota, and chau...



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